The Choice

You may sign up as a Human, Zombie, Innocent Bystanders (Spectators), or Good Samaritans (Volunteers).


If you choose to be a Human, your mission is to save the Human Race. You must get to the Green-Zone with your Brains, Heart, and Entrails. These may resemble that of a flag football belt. If you arrive in the Green-Zone with at least one of these vital organs you will have survived and played a vital role in saving the human race. If the zombies successfully take all these body parts (flags), you will be infected with the living dead virus. Be quick as you are racing against time itself. The future of the human race is in your hands.


If you choose to be a Zombie, your mission is to infect the humans with the living dead virus by eating the humans’ Brains, Hearts, and Entrails (capturing their flags). You may be a Creeper (slow moving) or a Leaper (fast moving).


If you choose to be an Innocent Bystander (Spectator) your mission is to cheer on the Humans, take lots of photos, and have a good time at the Human Salvation Party.


If you choose to be a Good Samaritan (Volunteer), your mission is to help the humans save the Human Race. You may be needed prior, during or after the race. You may request a position. We will attempt to honor all requests but do not guarantee positions. There is no fee and you do not get compensated. You will receive free admission to the Human Salvation Party and Green Zone, and other cool stuff. You will receive a document of community service where your hours go towards our race charity.


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