The Course

The Zombie Mud Run at Reading, PA(Shocktoberfest)

What you can expect? The unexpected!

We promise you have never experienced a mud run like The Zombie Mud Run at Shocktoberfest! Check out some of the highlights along your journey to saving the Human Race.

Course Map and Obstacles for The Zombie Mud Run at Shocktoberfest

Haunted Mud Forest: Fallen Trees
Exploding Toxic Swamp
Saw Kill: Chain Saw Wheeling Zombies
Mud Pit Crawl II
Small Mud Hills
Pumping Station Pipe Jump
Water Station Mud Slide
Tower Climb
Green House Jungle Gym
Petroleum Storage Facility: Fire
The Forest: Fallen Trees
Across the Creek Crawl
Zombie in a Hay Stack
Mud Pit Crawl
Small Wall Climb Over
Mud Hill
The Power Plant: Shocking Experience
Shockers 4 Walls of Hell
Moving and Storage Crate Climb Over
Graffius Burial Vault Climb Over
Graffius Burial Vault Climb Over II
Graffius Burial Vault Jump In
Graffius Burial Vault Mud Hill
Crematorium: Fire
Coal Mine Dynamite Explosion
Zombie in a Hay Wagon
Cemetery : Open Graves
Under the Train Bridge
Oil Refinery
Small Wall Climb Over
Up the Cat Walk
Small Wall Climb Over
Creek Walk
Abandoned Building Climb
Haunted Forest Mud Trail
The Mud Slide
Green Zone Jump Finish Line

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